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EP#107 It’s all about connections with Esther Reizes

EP#107 It’s all about connections with Esther Reizes

Esther Reizes-Lowenbein has redefined the face of real estate by offering professional and on-demand service. Esther services the commercial real estate market, as a realtor, investor, and syndicator. She has successfully closed over 300 million dollars in commercial transactions thus far. She is recognized as a “serial networker” and has a knack for connecting buyers, sellers, and investors.

Esther holds a master’s degree from Adelphi University. She is an entrepreneur and philanthropist. She takes great pride in her wonderful children. Additionally, Esther, together with her husband is extremely active in their community and runs a non-profit, providing relief for underprivileged individuals.

In just 8 months, Esther has successfully raised over 30 million dollars from co-GP and JV investors.

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