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EP#129 Powerful Conversation with Ted Greene, an experience-rich investor relations manager

EP#129 Powerful Conversation with Ted Greene, an experience-rich investor relations manager

With a rich experience in the financial service industry, in this episode, Ted Greene, Investor Relations Manager at Spartan Investment Group gives insights into his role as an Investor Relations Manager. He shares how he prepares for conversations with accredited and sophisticated investors, spills beans on a tool that investors could use to gauge the performance of their investments and so much more. 

Ted Greene is a third-generation Seattleite who married his high school sweetheart. Ted and Melissa have two children attending the same High School where they first met. After graduating from Seattle Pacific University with a BA in Finance Ted spent 24 years in the financial services industry as an investment advisor and Fiduciary. 

Spartan Investment Group reviews thousands of opportunities before presenting the best deals to both private and institutional investors. Whether you are a deal sponsor looking for advice / financing or an investor looking to place assets connect with us !

Key take-aways you should not miss : 

[0.00] Ted shares his rich background in finance sector

[3.43] Transitioning into real estate and self-storage space from a financial service sector job?

[8.20] Role as an Investor Relations Manager

[15.40] Your offerings are 506 (b) or 506(c)

[17.47] Preparing for conversations with accredited  vs sophisticated investor

[23.25] Challenging moments Ted has dealt with

[30.14] Best conversation with investors

[33.42] Current focus

[37.05] Advice that have impact you

[38.21] Personal habits that lead your to success 

[39.45] Any Books that impacted your life and what way

[41.55] Ted’s contribution to community


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