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EP#131 Strategies to increase NOI and Occupancy with Elenis Camargo

EP#131 Strategies to increase NOI and Occupancy with Elenis Camargo

Today’s guest is Elenis Camargo from Thirdstone Properties is a real estate solutions and investment firm. Here are some key points which Elenis and Rama discuss in this episode.

  • Best Practices and Challenges managing from out of state
  • Why you must consider getting into property management aspect of the deal
  • Key points to consider before getting into property management
  • Which property KPI’s you must know as a owner
  • Tracking software for systematic management of properties and deals
  • Strategies to increase income and net occupancy of properties
  • Creative ideas for property management to enhance consumer experiences
  • An advice you need to hear if you are starting out your investment journey

Elenis Camargo is the Co-Founder and CEO of Thirdstone Properties. She started off as an out of state investor targeting Jacksonville FL while living in NYC. Several years later she moved to Jacksonville to focus on growing her portfolio and helping other out of state investors acquire and manage properties in Jacksonville. Elenis and her husband currently own 7 single family properties in Jacksonville and manage 117 doors with a mix of single family homes, residential and commercial multi families in Jacksonville and Miami. They have helped investors from all around the world break into the Jacksonville market.


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