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EP#132 MHP Challenges,Benefits , and MHP tribe with Ekaterina (Katerina) Stepanova

EP#132 MHP Challenges,Benefits , and MHP tribe with Ekaterina (Katerina) Stepanova

Today’s guest is Ekaterina Stepanova from M2K partners. Here are some key points which Ekaterina and Rama discussed in this episode.

  • Katerina on finding the right partners with the right skills.
  • Ultimate goal is financial freedom through passive cash flow.
  • Lending terms now vs two years or three years back.
  • Selecting markets and the process before any MHP deals.
  • Challenges in managing different properties from different locations.
  • Best practices in MHP space.
  • Challenges faced by Katerina
  • First mobile home park experience and Why she  selected mobile home park space?

Ekaterina (Katerina) Stepanova, was born and raised in Moscow, Russia, and immigrated to the United States 14 years ago and has lived in New York since. She is a partner at M2K Partners, which owns MHP communities across the United States: Michigan, Ohio, Texas, Florida — and are limited partners in a 64-space community in AZ, totaling 485 spaces. . Ekaterina is the founder of “MHP Tribe”, a national mobile home park investor community. A community for time-strapped professionals with a focus on partnerships & efficient business solutions for financial freedom through mobile home park investing.




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