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EP#135 Passive Investing Experience With Lisa Hylton

EP#135 Passive Investing Experience With Lisa Hylton

In this episode we have  Lisa Hylton, the founder of These are a few key points discussed in this episode.

  • Lisa shares her background investing and managing real estate. 
  • Creating strategies to meet financial goals
  • Finding GP’s and active investor’s track record
  • How are landlord-friendly states welcome investors
  • Encountered pleasant and challenging experiences with investments


Lisa Hylton is the founder of – A real estate investment firm that was created for Entrepreneurs by Entrepreneurs to build passive income and wealth through tax efficient real estate investments. She also hosts the podcast, The Level Up REI Podcast. Apart from buying real estate, Lisa enjoys hiking, paddleboarding, practicing yoga, taking evening walks, swimming, traveling, embarking on wine country getaways and trying new adventures!


Books recommended: 

  • The Big Leap
  • The 12 Week Year
  • Hands off Investor


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