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EP#156 Being a people’s person with Damion Lupo

EP#156 Being a people’s person with Damion Lupo

Money can buy you fancy stuff but when it comes to something as priceless as life, love, and happiness even money can’t buy it. This is the reason why our guest for this episode chats about fostering meaningful relationships for success in business, community, and life. 

Join Rama and Damion in today’s episode where they  cover 

  • The biggest change in the retirement space and the potential overhaul in the tax code
  • When should you expect this change
  • How could this change affect the existing syndications
  • Tapping into retirement money to pool unlimited capital
  • Breaking free from the financial bondage
  • Becoming a better contributor and serving people 
  • Digging deeper to attain fulfillment
  • Walking in Keto
  • Trust is built by listening
  • It is always about being around people

Damion Lupo is a Financial Mentor and host of the Financial Underdogs Podcast. Over the last quarter-century, he’s owned and operated successful businesses ranging from insurance, precious metals, financial consulting, real estate and venture capital. He’s also written a dozen books on these topics. All of this accumulated knowledge led him to the creation of a better path leading to financial freedom. He is on a mission to Free 1 Million from Financial Bondage.  

Book References

  • Reinvented Life – Damion Lupo
  • Mastery – George Leonard
  • Principles – Ray Dalio

Connect with Damion Lupo

  • Podcast – Financial Underdogs
  • Damion’s Website –
  • ERPQ’s Website –

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