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EP#159 Making wise investments with Leo Hefner

EP#159 Making wise investments with Leo Hefner

Today’s guest is Leo Hefner, Manager of South Bend 7, a Debt Free Private Equity Real Estate Investment Fund that Buys and Holds Cash-Flowing Residential Real Estate In the Mid-West. The fund was designed to hedge against the down turn we are experinceing right now in 2020. Leo Hefner is an experienced professional with a demonstrated history of working in the investment banking industry.  Leo Hefner is also a co-Founder of the Mastermind Association with Dr. Greg Reid. Here are some highlights of this episode:

  • Net Zero Homes
  • Tracking Local and Global market trends to make real estate decisions
  • How Leo dove into the private lending arena
  • South Bend 7 – Real Estate Equity Fund
  • Managing properties remotely
  • Go set up the team first and then buy
Book Resources
Think and Grow Rich – Napolean Hill
3 Feet From Gold – Greg Reid
Invest In Debt – Jimmy Napier
Wealth made Easy – Greg Reid
Tips and Tricks Every Homeseller Needs To Know When They Sell A House 

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