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EP#161 Simplifying Multifamily Insurance with Matthew Sutika

EP#161 Simplifying Multifamily Insurance with Matthew Sutika

Today’s guest is Matthew Sutika, founder and CEO, Skylight Insurance.  He is also the Chief Insurance Officer at Obie – an expert in habitational and multifamily insurance. He is an award-winning entrepreneur and business owner in the multifamily and habitational insurance sector. Prior to opening up Skylight, Matt was the #1 ranked State Farm agent, ranking first out of thousands. He also invests in early-stage start-ups in the insurance, technology, and entrepreneurial sectors.

Key highlights

  • How Matthew found his jam in Insurance and Multifamily Investments
  • Understanding requirements to find the best plan and solution
  • Dealing with claims on a property as an investor
  • The right time to connect with an insurance person

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Connect with Matthew Sutika

  • Phone: 312-877-2692
  • Email:
  • Linkedin:

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