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Building Strong Partnerships and Finding Alternate Ways to Insure

Are you looking for ways to navigate the current insurance market? Look no further than my latest podcast episode with Matthew Sutika, an award-winning entrepreneur and business owner in the insurance tech sector.

Matthew shares his experiences in the insurance industry over the past 18 months, noting the shift from a bull market to a bear market and the resulting increase in insurance costs. However, he emphasizes the importance of finding good partners and being nimble in these times.

He explains how his company, OBIE, differentiates itself by having a team of real estate investors who also understand the insurance industry. This allows them to take a more serious approach to finding the best coverage and price for their clients.

Matthew also shares examples of how his company has implemented creative solutions, such as working with property management companies to access master policies. Overall, he stresses the importance of treating insurance brokers as partners rather than commodities to get the best results.

In the episode, Matthew also discusses how his team works with multiple carriers to find the best insurance policies for their clients. He also addresses the issue of skyrocketing insurance prices in certain markets, such as Louisiana and Florida.

Matthew shares his insights on the latest trends in the insurance industry, including an increase in demand for assault and battery coverage in larger metro areas. He also emphasizes the importance of building capacity, finding alternate ways to insure, and developing new relationships.

On a personal level, Matthew attributes his success to hard work and organization. He also recommends reading autobiographies as they offer interesting insights into the lives of successful people.

Listeners can connect with Matthew Sutika on social media and visit the OBIE Insurance website to learn more about his company.

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