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Facts over Feelings

It is rightly said – The happiest days of a boat owner are when he buys and sells a boat. Money is made when you buy. To make the money math work, Neal Bawa, Founder & CEO Grocapitus, ‘The Mad Scientist’, as he is lovingly called in the real estate space, leverages big data & … Read more

How Build to Rent has become a New Cash Cow

What is build-to-rent? For multi-family real estate investors looking for a profitable investment strategy, investing in Built-to-Rent properties is the best strategy. Build-to-rent properties are specifically designed for renting out rather than selling. They attract longer tenancy agreements and they are professionally managed by either the real estate investor or a reputable property manager. The … Read more

What Increase in Interest Rates Really Mean For Housing

The real estate market has been hot for the last two years due to historically low mortgage rates. In an effort to curb the increasing home prices and shield the economy from the negative impact of rising inflation, the federal government has decided to gradually increase the key lending interest rates. The increase in interest … Read more

Personal Finance

What is personal finance? The term personal finance can be defined as the act of personal financial management best practices. It encompasses all the strategies that one uses to manage and account for all their personal finances to achieve both short-term and long-term financial goals. Personal finance involves managing your finances through budgeting, savings and … Read more

Cost Segregation Benefits

Investing in commercial real estate comes with a number of advantages and one of them is significant tax savings. Real estate investors are able to reduce their tax burden through the depreciation maximization concept known as cost segregation. In this article, we shall define what cost segregation is and the potential benefits that real estate … Read more

Artificial Intelligence (AI) In Commercial Real Estate

The automation wave is bringing new disruption across industries and commercial real estate has not been left behind. Today’s commercial real estate investors, brokers, agents, and appraisers are relying on the power of artificial intelligence to transform their conventional ways of conducting business into smart automation. By adopting modern technology and combining it with the … Read more