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Harnessing the Power of Social Media in Real Estate

Building a Community and Personal Brand on Social Media

As the host of this podcast, I had the pleasure of interviewing Manicia Reneus, the co-founder of Your Social. Manicia has carved a niche for herself in the digital marketing world by focusing on real estate agents. Her lifelong interest in residential properties and the need she identified in the South Florida real estate market led her to this specialization.

Manicia’s approach is unique. She helps realtors create a community and build their personal brand on social media. She does this by creating engaging content that educates potential buyers about the market and showcases the realtors’ personalities. She leverages current trends, such as video content, and emphasizes the importance of showing the realtors’ faces on social media to build trust with potential clients.

The Power of Organic Social Media and the Role of Analytics

Manicia supports realtors on various platforms like Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, YouTube, and TikTok. She collaborates with a partner who specializes in graphics to create visually appealing content. She emphasizes the power of organic social media, especially for those starting out.

Manicia suggests using analytics provided by platforms like Facebook and Instagram to understand what content resonates with the audience. She also recommends using other digital marketing tools like newsletters to maintain client engagement.

The Time it Takes to Convert Leads and the Role of Consistency

When asked about the time it takes to convert leads through social media, Manicia acknowledges that it requires consistency and building a community. She advises that Instagram is still powerful, especially with the younger generation, while Facebook is more popular among the older generation. Despite the emergence of newer platforms like TikTok, Facebook remains the largest social media platform with the most users.

The Debate on Paid Advertising

On the topic of paid advertising, Manicia primarily focuses on organic strategies for her clients, especially for solo entrepreneurs and those in the early stages of their careers. She advises against paid advertising unless the target audience is well-known, as it can be a waste of money without desired results. Manicia recommends starting with organic methods and understanding the target audience before investing in paid advertising.

Converting the Community into Clients

Regarding converting the community into clients, Manicia explains that strategies constantly change due to evolving social media features. Currently, she suggests using Instagram Reels and selecting relevant topics to reach people interested in specific subjects. For example, if a realtor is showcasing properties in Florida, using the topic “destination” can attract viewers interested in vacationing or buying vacation homes in Florida.

Manicia also emphasizes the importance of visually pleasing video content with a hook. This, she believes, is a key strategy in capturing and retaining the attention of potential clients.

In conclusion, Manicia’s insights into the world of digital marketing for real estate agents are invaluable. Her emphasis on building a community, creating engaging content, and leveraging organic social media strategies provide a roadmap for realtors looking to enhance their online presence and reach their target audience effectively.