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Investing in Real Estate: Single Assets vs. Diversified Funds

Are you looking to invest in real estate but not sure whether to go for single assets or diversified funds? Annie Dickerson from Good Egg Investments shares her experience with both approaches in the latest podcast episode.

According to Annie, single asset deals can be enjoyable and offer a personal connection to the investment, similar to picking a stock. However, it can be challenging to predict which one will have higher returns. On the other hand, diversified funds allow investors to spread their investment across multiple assets, reducing the risk of picking the wrong one.

Annie also emphasizes the importance of vetting the team behind the investment. Look for a track record of success, integrity, and transparency in your sponsors.

When it comes to managing assets in the current tight market, making hard decisions about what needs to be done and building up cash reserves are essential. Constantly assessing the business plan and making strategic decisions to drive the bottom line is also crucial for ensuring the health of the asset.

At Good Egg Investments, they focus on improving the communities they invest in by adding amenities and fostering a sense of community among residents. They also give back through their Good Gifts program and Money-Wise Kids initiative.

In summary, investing with a purpose and finding a team that aligns with your values and goals are critical for success in real estate investing. And for entrepreneurs or those raising capital for their own businesses, Annie recommends reading “Building a Story Brand” by Don Miller.

So, which approach will you choose? Single assets or diversified funds? Let us know in the comments!

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