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Simplify, Optimize, and Scale: The Key to Successful Sales and Marketing

Are you looking for ways to improve your business strategies and increase your revenue? Then you’re in for a treat! In this episode of MultiFamily AP360, I had the pleasure of speaking with Simon Severino, founder of Strategy Sprints, who has worked with big brands such as Google, Roche, and Airbnb. Simon has created the Strategies Sprints method that doubles revenue in 90 days, and he shares his expertise on the podcast.

Simon explains that in today’s slow-growing or even negatively growing economy, businesses need to adapt quickly to stay relevant. His method focuses on agile and quick adaptation by measuring marketing, sales, and operations numbers every seven days. This allows businesses to base their decisions on reality rather than narrative and focus on the things that are working for them.

Simon also discusses how his method simplifies, optimizes, and scales sales processes, marketing processes, customer onboarding, and customer success. By doing so, businesses can create a referral engine and increase revenue.

The host asks Simon how he doubles sales in 90 days, to which Simon explains that increasing the frequency of sales, de-risking for clients, and improving win rates can increase revenue by 99%. Simon shares his three successful habits for business owners: daily habit, weekly habit, and monthly habit. The daily habit involves reviewing how time was allocated and delegating tasks for the next day. The weekly habit includes monitoring marketing and operational numbers to ensure the business is moving in the right direction. The monthly habit involves a strategic analysis of what else clients can do and how to rebudget for the next month.

Simon also stresses the importance of falling in love with the problem a business solves for its clients, rather than falling in love with the solutions themselves, which can change frequently. Finally, he discusses the benefits of community building for businesses, including network effects, brand strength, and referrals.

If you want to learn more about Simon’s Strategies Sprints method and how to build a community for your business, then you should definitely listen to this episode of Multi-Family AP360. As Simon says, “Building a community is easier than most people think and can have a significant impact on a business.”

So, what are you waiting for? Tune in now,  this episode of Multi-Family AP 360 and start improving your business strategies!

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